Our Team

Our research team is a multidisciplinary group of scientists with MD, PhD, Masters, University degrees, and specialists from professional training programs. We work together to conduct basic, translational, and pre-clinical studies with both in vitro and in vivo tools. The diverse expertise and balanced strength build a strong team for compound testing and validating at different levels, which will lead to opportunities for novel translational discoveries that will improve the health of individuals with fibrosis.

Molecular Biology group

Our experienced molecular biologists focus on evaluating the efficacy of new compounds and the mechanisms how they work at the molecular level. Q-PCR, Western, ELISA, RNA Seq and Proline incorporation assays are conducted with our advanced lab equipment, such as the Jess Simple Western system, 10x Genomics Chromium Controller and Q-PCR QuantStudio 7 Flex.

Cell Biology group

We use advanced methods in cell biology combined with molecular biology, microscopy and Flow cytometry to screen novel treatment targets in large population of cells. We examine cell signaling, membrane traffic, cell structure and function on both cellular and molecular level, and how these novel treatments improve the defects in these processes. Western blot, flow cytometry and confocal microscopy are commonly used.

Histology group

Our histology group has specialized equipment, technical expertise and the most advanced image analysis platform. All tissues collected from our preclinical in vivo studies are processed following our standard protocols. Sections stained for H&E, PSR or immunochemistry are examined by our experienced pathologist and analyzed with the HALO image analysis platform.

Pre-clinical study group

All studies are performed by our highly experienced and skilled Technicians. Standard SOPs are followed when all the new anti-fibrotic therapies are tested.

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